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A Path to Personal Freedom


A Healing Space for Personal Growth

Free Flower Wellness a virtual personal development space that encourages individuals to break free from mental and behavioral patterns that no longer serve them. If you have been feeling stuck lately, looking for change in your life, or seeking mental clarity and physical vitality, you have come to the right place! Free Flower Wellness offers mindset coaching programs to help you shed self-limiting beliefs and actualize your potential. In our virtual yoga studio, you can access transformative yogic experiences through dynamic vinyasa flows on-demand with the highly trained yoga teacher, energy healer, and world traveler Katie Dougherty. Here you will also find resources such as blog posts and online programs that offer information on a wide range of topics from yoga and Ayurveda to relationships and spirituality. Find alignment of mind, body, and spirit with us in this community of like-minded individuals.

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To assist others in experiencing the light that is already within them.

To provide excellent and safe-sequenced yoga classes that honor the ancient and healing practice. 

To support personal growth and expansion in a warm, judgment free environment.

To encourage students to be curious and use time on the mat to explore their inner world.


To foster a community of inspired, evolved individuals supporting each other.


What People are Saying

"I took my first yoga class with Free Flower Yoga, and I’ve signed up every week since. Here I’ve learned that yoga isn’t just exercise. It’s a mind-body experience. Katie creates a safe space for you to reflect on your needs, imbalances, and/or stressors. Every session is paired with a theme based on mindfulness and healing. Katie is there to provide gentle guidance along your journey into each position. Her soothing voice lends itself well to the serenity of the movements. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner! You’re encouraged to listen to your body and follow along at your own comfort level. By the end of savasana, I’m always able to find the harmony and enlightenment that I was looking for when I joined. 


Katie has designed a course that expertly combines practical wisdom with physical movement. Attending the virtual classes is a great way to invite peaceful practice into the home. I can’t think of a better place or instructor to help you take refuge from all the external, and internal, clutter. Highly recommend it!"

Liz D.

We look forward to connecting with you!

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